Why Choose ABS?

American Broadcasting School has been training people just like you to become professional broadcasters for over 46 years!

This is a top-quality program with real, experienced instructors at your disposal, Monday through Friday. You get 1-on-1 training in radio broadcasting.

You’ll broadcast actual radio shows and receive immediate feedback to help you improve. Learn broadcasting from pros with many years of experience, people who are and have been professional broadcasters and they know how to teach you to become an on-the-air personality, newscaster or sportscaster…plus learn about radio station sales, digital production, copy writing and more.

We offer financial aid (grants & student loans) to those who qualify and you can get a free assessment with no obligation.

You’ll be ready to get a job in radio or other broadcast related fields as soon as you graduate from ABS!

Learn more about our campus-based broadcasting program in Oklahoma, or our online computer-based radio broadcasting program.

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