Admissions – Tuition

Total tuition for the course is $13,325.00.

There is no registration fee.

Students may apply for federal financial aid. Federal aid awards are used to pay school tuition first.

Students may pay tuition in monthly installments while attending school.

  • Campus students may pay $1,665.63 for 8 payments
  • Online Distance Learning students may pay $1,665.63 for 8 payments
    Certain agencies may assist students with tuition assistance.
  • VA Education Benefits (may only be used at campus locations)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation may have a tuition assistance program. Please check with your state’s Department of Rehabilitative Services for more information.
  • Programs for Native American students: Many tribal nations offer tuition assistance programs. Assistance amount available, eligibility, and deadline dates vary. Please contact your tribe’s Education Office for more information.

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