Broadcasting Program Information
Length: 34 Weeks Required Hours: 30 hours per week*

* Hybrid method of delivery allows 13 hours a week to be completed off-campus. Available Hours: 8am to 10pm Monday through Friday Set Your Own Schedule!


During the 34 weeks of training, students spend over 800 hours preparing for and delivering on-air shows, newscasts and sportscasts… plus creating and producing commercials. Our studios feature the same type of equipment found in the over 12,000 small and medium market radio stations throughout the United States. Although studio work is fun, creative and exciting, ABS offers much more. The 34-week course also includes voice training, lectures and one-on-one instruction with professional instructors. This combination and variety of education and skills development provides the student with the most practical and focused training available. American Broadcasting School provides in depth training in the field of radio broadcasting; specializing in such areas as radio announcing, writing and production of commercials, writing and delivering of newscasts and sportscasts, FCC rules and regulations, Digital Production, Computer-Based Broadcast Technology, and “hands on” control room operation. Students take notes and are given extra information concerning these topics. They are given thorough examinations and are coached on an individual level in different areas. ABS-Oklahoma City is presently equipped with 12 fully functional broadcast studios and 6 digital production bays.¬†Students deliver live broadcasts to a world-wide audience through KABS -World-Wide Internet Radio. The type and quality of equipment found at ABS is the same as that found in a typical radio station. Students receive equal time in these studios and are assigned various jobs (announcer, newscaster, sportscaster, etc.) simulating the functions which will be required at an actual radio station. Students are guided through the correct procedures by a qualified instructor. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are knowledgeable in every facet of the broadcast industry and are qualified to be employed in entry-level positions at traditional radio stations or in broadcast-related fields as on-air personalities, newscasters, sportscasters, commercial production talent, promotions assistants, and producers.¬† Graduates also have the skills and are provided the broadcast software necessary to pursue exciting self-employment avenues such as internet radio, voice over talent for advertising agencies, digital production services, mobile music, copywriting, and much more! ABS provides lifetime Job Placement Assistance upon graduation.

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